A Rundown of Senior Home Care Services to Look Into

A Rundown of Senior Home Care Services to Look Into

Home care services enable your aging parent to remain home for as long as possible and enjoy the familiar environment and independence that bring them comfort during their golden years. By working closely with his or her NDIS Service, you can make sure that your parent is well taken care of.

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Each aging person’s needs are different, and it often takes a unique combination of different things to make sure his or her needs are met. Below is a rundown of various services you can ask your parent’s prospective home care provider about:

Care Management

This involves a comprehensive assessment of your parent’s situation (nutrition, medication, mental status, mobility, etc.) to determine the type of care he or she will need. A care manager develops a care plan for a caregiver to follow, and updates the plan as necessary.


This service is typically what is expected of home care services providers, and involves assistance with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) and Activities of Daily Living (ADL). IADL are tasks people perform everyday such as meal preparation, housekeeping, paying bills, medication oversight, and travel, among others. ADL, on the other hand, is more exclusive to self-care activities such as bathing, toileting, dressing, grooming, and the like.


As people age, they become more prone to depression and isolation. This is especially true for those with no family members or friends nearby and are unable to travel far because of age or medical conditions. A home care provider can provide a senior with much-needed companionship during the day. There are different types of programs; in some companies, the same caregiver assisting with IADL or ADL can provide companionship, while other companies may have specific individuals trained to provide meaningful social interaction.

Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care

Older adults suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s require a higher level of care than others. Home care services that offer this type of care will have professionals trained specifically for this task. Apart from providing assistance with IADL or ADL, dementia or Alzheimer’s care can also include activities and interactions that aim to help maintain structure and familiarity, and eventually help your parent find joy in life.

Your parent may need just one, or maybe a combination of some of these services. Talk to your parent (if possible) and the home care provider about what he or she will need exactly to maintain his or her quality of life.

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