Fire Fighting is a building protection system against fire hazards whose protection method uses a variety of media, while Fire Fighting which will be discussed in this paper is protection using water media pressed into the hydrant and sprinkler installation pipes using a hydrant pump. Starting from the ground tank and pump house to the sprinkler point, landing valve for Indoor Hydrant Box, and Regional Pillar Hydrant.

Procurement, installation and adjustment of the entire Fire Management System in such a way that all equipment and equipment can function effectively in accordance with the standards of extinguishing fire consultant malaysia.

Procurement and Installation

The main equipment of the Fire Hydrant System include:

Equip pumps with priming water tanks and fuel tanks complete with piping systems.

Piping and Operational Devices (Valve, Flow Switch, and other equipment).


The Fire Extinguisher Installation system in buildings and regions usually uses water media in the Ground Tank (located next to the Pump Room), which is pumped throughout the hydrant and sprinkler installations through the main pipes in accordance with the division of each zone.

The hydrant and sprinkler installation network is separated into two special piping installations according to their functions, namely:

The following will be explained about the two systems so that they will be clearer in the operating system.

Hydrant piping installation is an installation where every floor of each building is provided with a Hydrant Box complete with equipment, namely landing valve Ø 2½ “1½”, Fire hose & Nozzle, Hose rack.

Fire hydrant working system installed using a water system, (the media used is water). The installation in this system is water stand-by, so that when it is enabled it must hold water from the pump room where it will function by opening the Landing valve on the IHB.

Whereas external hydrant systems are provided by the Hydrant Pillar and Siamesse Connection which are spread out in the area of ​​the site plant (area).

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