Common rug tiles are a functional answer for any room, where access to the floor underneath is significant. For instance fleece floor covering tiles fitted in an Office, mean insignificant change should access be expected to take care of underfloor links or wiring. One of the best product of ITC is high-quality Antilope carpet tiles. The material of the Antilop carpet tile is Tufted Loop Pile. The hip fiber of these carpet tiles is 100% Polyamide 6 in addition to dyed solutions.The heap weight of these high-quality Antilop carpet tiles is ca. 0,81 kg/m2.The Utilization Classification is class 33. While the fire rating of these high-quality carpet tiles is BFL-S1. These high-quality carpet tiles are available in multiple colors. The client has the facility to choose these colors by using the code of products.The code of other Antilope high quality carpet tiles are 001,002,006,102,104,107,108,109 and 110.

Chameleon is the best high quality rug and carpet tiles offering by ITC. The material of this high-quality carpet tiles is Tufted Loop Pile. The heap fiber of this product is 100 percent polyamide 6(Solution Dyed). The All-out Weight of this Chameleon carpet tiles is ca. 4,92 kg/m2. While the utilization classification of these high-quality carpet tiles is class 33. While the fire rating is the same as above BFLS1. The two products of Chameleon are avail the code of these products is 1048232, 1048270.

Another high-quality carpet tiles are Valencia carpet tiles. ITC offer this product in seven different colours. The material of this high-quality carpet tiles is tufted loop pile while the heap fiber is 100% PA (Solution Dyed). The pile weight of this carpet tiles is ca.0,6 kg / m2 while the total weight of the tiles is ca. 4,35 kg / m2.the usage classification of the high-quality carpet tiles are Class 33. Mito is another high-quality carpet tiles offer by ITC. The key features of the product are the following. The materials of these tiles are the Tufted loop pile. The fiber of these MITO carpet tiles is made up of 100% pp. The heap weight of these tiles is ca. 0,4 kg/m2 while the absolute weight is ca.4,5 kg/m2. The use classification of these high-quality carpet tiles is Class 31 Moderate Use. The fire rating of these carpet tiles is RFL. These carpet tiles are avail in following colors like red, green, Mito Beigh, Mito AntraciteMito Sand, Mito Marine, and Mito royal blue.

ITC offers these high-quality carpet tiles that are not only enhancing the beauty of rooms but healthier for the user. So try it and spend a happy life. The fiber mix utilized in ITC Carpet tiles is 100% PA Solution colored,which means it has excellent protection from ruining and encourages the utilization of a perceived cleaning arrangement;so whether you are searching for Contract, Commercial or Heavy Domestic use, ITC has a range to suit a wide range of areas. ITC floor covering tiles are have additionally been treated with Ultra-Fresh; an anti-microbial procedure to guarantee the tiles are crisp, sterile and smell free. Standard floor covering tiles are 50cm x 50cm even though our Chameleon rugs range should likewise be possible as 100cm x 50cm.

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