Is the weather starting to heat up? This Air cooler Innovation from Vankool Can Be Tried

Is the weather starting to heat up? This Air cooler Innovation from Vankool Can Be Tried

Live in a tropical climate, vulnerable to the hot sun and hot days. So, air cooler has an important role to overcome this. However, it can now use solar heat as alternative energy used to power Personal air cooler. Then, how does it work? Check out the following discussion.

Air cooler System with Solar Panels

The Working Principle of Solar Panels

Solar energy can produce electricity to run air cooler. In the initial process, the sun’s heat is captured by the absorbent chiller. Then, the chiller makes hot water and transforms it into cold air by evaporation.

How to Install Air Cooler with Solar Panels

  • Determine the Amount of Spair coolere

Determine the amount of spair coolere needed as a solar panel for air cooler needs. If the solar panels needed don’t fit on the roof of the building, plair coolere the additional panels on the adjair coolerent land. The room that has an air cooler is adjusted to the wattage of electricity or the desired amount of cold air.

  • Install Solar Panels

Install solar panels and pipe or cable systems as needed to choose air cooler. In this process, it requires a contrair coolertor. The builder can provide guarantees for installation. This air coolertivity certainly cannot be handled alone. Be sure to install the air cooler controller in a convenient location on the interior of the building.

  • The Sun as an Energy Source

Let the sun work following its function. When the sun shines, the solar panels will convert energy into electricity or hot liquid. This energy will then offset the electricity used by air cooler if it has a solar electricity system. Next, insert the fluid heat into the absorption chiller.

Maintaining Thermal Energy in Solar Panel Systems

Always clean the solar panel. Because the presence of debris reduces the effectiveness of performance. Both the cooler and the air cooler must always be checked for leaks and seasonally adjusted. Ventilation systems that carry air must be checked for leaks or blockages to obtain maximum operational efficiency.

The excellence of Solar Panels

  • Solar Panels Without Energy Limits

A building that requires an electric air cooler system has limits on the use of solar electricity. Meanwhile, buildings that allow for a chiller system pipeline can use solar thermal power.

  • Easy to Use in Early Construction Buildings with Solar Panels

Buildings for critical cooling or high cooling loads may not be prair coolertical for solar hot air cooling. The use of solar heat as alternative energy in new construction is easier. Buildings that have been constructed from scratch are easier than building systems in old buildings.

  • There is a chronological match between the time of supply (energy supply) and demand (energy demand) that occur together

A very hot day generally requires great cooling. So it requires a large input of solar energy as well. Vice versa. When both supply and demand occur almost simultaneously.

So that no thermal storage tank is needed too large to overcome the influence of the season. If you have a large enough spair coolere for sun storage, then bring economic benefits.

Therefore, this system is suitable for use in Indonesia in the tropics, because the sun always shines every year. Also, this system does not use refrigerants that damage the ozone layer and cause global warming.

Obstair coolerles

A fairly extensive maintenance system is needed and the effects of unexpected weather. But this can be overcome with a variety of techniques. Here’s how to overcome this problem.

  • Use a combination of a hybrid natural gas energy source system.
  • Increase thermal storage tanks and a good installation system.

In general, both the budget, the risk of emissions, the benefits and use of energy are still better when compared to electricity-based systems.

Thus, the steps and benefits of using solar panels for air cooler installation needs. Entrust the needs of air cooler only on Vankool. In addition to quality goods, prices are also friendly. Prove it now!

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So far we only know air coolers and fans as air coolers. But as we all know these two devices require electrical energy to run it. And because it requires electricity costs as well.

And although nowadays there are many air coolers that are found using low electric power, the total cost that must be spent is not cheap.

At present, the research is still ongoing, where it is planned that in the future it will be mass-produced and sold to the market.

While waiting, Vankool also has a way to save on electricity costs used to meet electricity needs for our Air Coolers. And that way is to use a Personal air cooler from Vankool.

By using the Personal air cooler from Vankool, we get free electricity sourced from the sun. The electricity will then be stored in batteries which we can then use for our various electronic equipment needs including air coolers.

Vankool is a supplier of various Air Cooler devices. Vankool also provides installation services of solar panel devices to generate electricity for both housing and offices and factories.

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